Our Mission

Columbus is a great city, and we want to keep you informed on what's happening in the wild, wild midwest

Trevor and Eric, presumably

Columbus This Week is a weekly news and entertainment podcast that seeks to bring you interesting stories from central Ohio that you otherwise would've missed. The show launched on July 17th, 2017, and has been going strong ever since. Columbus This Week is featured on iTunes, the Android Music app, Podbean, columbuspodcasts.com, and Spotify.



I was born and raised in a town so small, that not only does everyone know everyone, but people would be able to tell you where I live by first name alone. I went to college down in Athens, which is where I got my first real taste of life outside of rural America. You might find this ironic, because most people who go to OU have the exact opposite experience. After college, I took a job in Columbus, met a girl, fell in love (with the city), and have lived here ever since.


I grew up in Marysville, Ohio - about 30 miles outside of the urban core of Columbus, Ohio. After graduating high school I joined the United States Army as an aviation operations specialist. My first deployment was to the Republic of Korea where I spent a year with the 2nd Infantry Division. That was my first time out of the country. I wish I could go back in time with who I am now and do that all over again because I missed some great travel opportunities. After the military I attended Ohio University and studied industrial and systems engineering. Before graduating I had a job offer from a firm in Columbus and couple of months of free time. I decided that there was no way I'd ever have two months of free time unless I hit the lottery so the weekend that I graduated I headed to Europe for a month - one of the best decisions I've ever made. Currently I live in Columbus and do my best to travel whenever time or money permit.


Friend of the show and occasional guest host, Sam Walk grew up on the mean streets of the Columbus suburbs, right in the middle of Grove City. He attended college at Ohio Dominican University, and now works in north Columbus. It goes without saying that Sam is the truest of true Columbus natives, having been born, raised, educated, and employed, all without ever leaving the greatest city in the galaxy.